Frequently Asked Questions

What is Easemakers?
The leading community for private household service professionals to connect and elevate each other and the industry. This community is our space. Our safe space. No principals, no vendors. Just people who are passionate about private service, and who are moving this industry forward. 

What are the benefits of this community?
There is power in numbers. If we can all connect and share our knowledge and experiences with one another, we all become empowered to do more than we could ever have done alone. Having this type of support allows us to elevate our careers — whether we want to thrive in our current roles, find new ones, share community-vetted vendors in real time, get advice from peers who have deep knowledge of the industry, or just be inspired. 

Our community is based in an online forum (using the Circle community software) that allows members to share stories, tips and questions in real time. It’s like a private Facebook group made specifically for easemakers with shared backgrounds, interests, questions and passions. Whether you want to pose a question to the group or say hello to a friend (or a future friend) in a direct message, you’ll have plenty of options to connect and engage with your peers.

What type of members are a fit with the community?
Right now, Easemakers is open to Estate / House Managers (and Executive / Personal / Family Assistants that focus on running households). Over time we will open it up to other roles ranging from Housekeepers to Chefs and Nannies to Property Managers. We’re looking for individuals with a good moral compass, people who will come here for advice and direction, but who will also lend their expertise to the community as well.

How do I join the community?
Easemakers is a private community, therefore there is an application process that everyone goes through.  Once you have applied for membership, if your application makes it to the next round, one of our admins will reach out to schedule a brief 15 minute phone interview.  It's important to note, we set a cap on how many members we can accept on a monthly basis.  This allows us to grow the community at a healthy pace, doing so based on role and geography, and really have the time to make everyone's voices heard. 

Can I invite others?
Of course! Member referrals will be a great source to expand a community of trusted peers. You can always nominate your connections for memberships, but know that in the near term we will first always interview everyone that applies for a membership. We do this to ensure quality additions as we value the existing members that are already invested and committed.

Who moderates this community?
We have multiple admins and moderators who are engaged members of our community.The community was started by Nines, and our team members are our admins. An extended steering committee with 8 independent industry experts from across the country is dedicated to the vision and day to day of Easemakers, and we hope every new member will follow their lead in nurturing our community.

What is Nines?
Nines began its journey of modernizing the Private Service Industry in 2020, right as the pandemic was beginning to upend so many lives.  After working closely with both principals and private service professionals, we pinpointed many gaps in how things are currently being done. Nines is the world’s first system-of-record for household data – allowing you to track and manage your household pivotal information, projects, vendors, assets, and employees, all in one platform. Nines streamlines the household by getting all stakeholders and data on one platform, providing access to essential information for the right people at the right time, and enabling the recording of new household knowledge that is valuable to preserve.

How can I share my feedback and ideas?
Always feel free to make yourself heard on the platform and beyond. If there's something you'd like to share with the easemakers team, never hesitate to reach out directly to an admin or email

Can I submit blog posts or articles?
Once a member, you’re more than welcome to publish longer posts in the appropriate channels. As for articles and other resources, if you’d like to lend your expert voice to help create some content, we’re more than happy to incorporate your thoughts. Reach out directly to an admin or email

Can I find recommendations for vendors and other things?
Yes, you’ll find that other community members will often share their honest feedback about vendors that they have used in the past. We generally don’t allow vendors onto the platform, and we certainly don’t have your typical "preferred vendors", so just know that all recommendations in the easemakers community are organic and straight from real community members.